Python Code Camp

In this fast paced society, it is sometimes necessary to slow down and take our time to reconnect to the communities we live, we work and we visit.

We at Inspire Team Philippines understand the value of community partnership and engagement. Our goal is to help people enhance their technical knowledge and to empower the local tech community by sharing experiences, ideas, best practices and learnings. We are committed to bringing positive impact and learnings to our peers.

Recently we hosted a Code Camp which tackled the basics of Python Programing Language.

It was an honor to have Ron Michael Diokno Khu as facilitate this free code camp. Ron is known for his great literacy in Python and other programing languages. He is a member of various local tech communities in Cebu and involved with Internet of Things Cebu, CodeRamen, PizzaPy, Cebu Innovation Network, DevCon and Cebu Animation Guild.

Ron started the camp with a clear introduction of Python Programming. He highlighted Python’s strengths including its use in web development. Participants were then given a hands-on experience, starting with setting up their development environment through to writing their first ever Python program.


The smiles on participants’ faces was priceless as they made their own “Hello World!” programs work. Ron continued the camp by lecturing on Python codes and syntaxes from the basics, like creating web objects such as text views, text boxes, image views and buttons, to parameter passing from one module to another, and more!In the end, it is evident that everyone went home with bagful of inspiration and new knowledge about web development using Python language.