1. Acceptance

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By using this website you accept this policy.

1.1 A short legal introduction…
Inspire Group Investments Ltd. (hereinafter “Inspire Team”, “Inspire”, “we”, “us” or “our”) has developed a Privacy and Cookies Policy that respects your privacy and ensures that we look after your personal data that we have collected either directly or indirectly throughout any interaction you have engaged in with our services, features, content or applications.

1.2 Can I refuse to be bound by this Privacy Policy?
By engaging in our services or interacting with our website you are consenting to the collection, manipulation, transfer, storage, disclosure and any other use of your personal information by our company or any of our business partners. We will cover what this all means in our Privacy and Cookies Policy.

2. Your Data

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You are important to us and we're excited to learn how we can help you.

2.1 What data are you going to collect and what do you use it for?
Here are the types of data that we collect while you are browsing our website, to bring you a better experience.

a) User Content
You are important to us and we are really excited to learn all about you. This means we will be collecting information that gives us the full picture of what you like and how we can help you. This includes any forms you fill out, resources you access and what you browse while you are on our website. If we ever get the pleasure of talking to you, we may also keep those conversations on file.

b) Browser Content
We may also collect information like your IP address, your operating system and the browser you prefer. This is so we can improve our systems to bring you even better websites and services.

c) Cookies
Our website also uses cookies. Cookies (the boring internet kind, not the delicious chocolate chip kind) hold information which is transferred onto your computer’s hard drive. Cookies let web apps gather and remember info about your preferences so it can alter its operations to better meet your needs, and what you like and what you don’t (so still pretty cool, albeit not edible). Don’t worry, the statistical data won’t identify individuals. We only use the info to see the pages visited, track IP addresses, observe trends, administer the site, and fun stuff like statistical analysis. If you live in the UK, due to legislation, we give you the option to accept or decline our cookies. For other countries, it is up to you to adjust your browser settings, otherwise you are automatically going to receive our cookies.

2.2 What about when I go onto other websites?
We only get to learn about you when you are on our website. Therefore our Privacy and Cookies Policy only covers our website. Each website has their own privacy policy that they follow so it is really important for you to familiarise yourself with these individual policies before submitting any information or data. Throughout our webpages we may provide links for other websites, these may not be our own. We can only accept responsibility or liability if you are on our website (so stick with us and we will look after you).

2.3 What happens to all my personal information?
The whole reason we collect your personal information is to create a better experience for you. We want to tailor an experience unique for you. By collecting your data we can learn about the products, services and information you are interested in and send you (if you agree) cool stuff that you will actually be interested in. Your personal data helps us make sure the website is in the best format for your device.

3. Your Security

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We're not going to take this lightly like certain dating websites...

3.1 Is my personal data safe?
YES! We want to keep you as safe as possible so we follow a number of procedures to minimise any risks.

3.2 Are you going to protect my personal information?
We work hard to keep your data safe. Sadly, despite our absolute best efforts we cannot 100% guarantee that hardware or software failures, unauthorized entries or other risks won’t compromise our security. We have however implemented various procedures to reduce risks. We store data on our cloud based servers so that in the event one server fails or is compromised we have other servers to rely on, to get in touch with you. By agreeing to our policy means that you agree to us storing your data in different servers. By sending and sharing information with or to us you agree to do so at your own risk. You can be sure that we will follow our Privacy and Cookies Policy to minimise risks and ensure you are looked after. We do this by putting all of our security procedures and features in place to prevent anyone who isn’t authorised from getting your data.

3.3 Will you share my information to other companies?
NO! Your personal information and data is very important to us. We will only share your information with our subsidiaries and our ultimate holding companies and their subsidiaries, this is outlined in Section 1159 of the United Kingdom Companies Act 2006. People who we can share your information with include our associates, professional advisors, peoples or organisation who work to provide services or products to you and marketing companies that promote us. The only time we will be sharing your data is in the instances we’ve outlined in our Privacy and Cookies Policy or when we have to in order to comply with the law, court orders, and any other government or law enforcement authorities. By using our website you are allowing us to share your information as outlined above.

4. Bits & Bobs

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A few extra things you might want to know.

4.1 Will you change your privacy policy?

The world is forever changing. This means every now and again we need to tweak and adjust our Privacy and Cookies Policy. We always make sure this page is kept up to date or you can email us at hello@inspireteam.com for the latest updates.

4.2 What if I want to see all of the information you have learned about me?
Just email us hello@inspireteam.com! You have the right to any information we have about you, and if you think we have something wrong about you we can fix it straight away (afterall, you probably know yourself better than anyone). If do want to access your personal information we will have to identify that it is really you (we do not want to hand your information away to someone we aren’t 100% is you).

4.3 Wait! What if I have more questions?

We would love to hear from you. If you have any questions, suggestions, requests or comments about our Privacy and Cookies Policy or our company in general send us an email to hello@inspireteam.com. And if you do not want to hear from us then you can opt out of our email subscription list. Just be sure to email us at hello@inspireteam.com (though there should have been a link in the email we sent you too!)

This privacy policy was last updated 22nd March, 2015.