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Web Development

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At Inspire Team we understand that strategically developing and maintaining your web presence is key to the reputation and success of your business.

Inspire Team’s experience highlights how methodology is critical to success. We can adopt your existing company methodologies or implement an agile workflow to enhance the most important aspect of a remote team – communication.

Web Development services include:

  • Client Side Coding (Ajax, Flash, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Silverlight)
  • Client + Server Coding (Google Web Toolkit, Dart, Opa, Pyjs, Tersus)
  • Server Side Coding (ASP, Java, Lotus, .NET, Perl, PHP, Ruby, SSJS)
  • Database Technologies (Filemaker, Firebird, MySQL, Oracle, Redis)
  • Additional bleeding edge technologies and languages

Application Development

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At Inspire Team we create, test and optimise applications to suit your innovation objectives.

By partnering with Inspire Team you can capitalise on our group’s 13 years experience.

App Development services include:

iOS Apps (Smartphone and Tablet)
Android Apps (Smartphone and Tablet)
Windows Apps (Smartphone and Tablet)
Nokia and Samsung (Tizen OS) Apps
Cross Platform Development (Developing programs for both iOS and Android utilising frameworks)

Software Development

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At Inspire Team we work with you to develop custom software and/or enhancements and integration with existing software/web services.

We take time to understand your specifications so that where possible, the solutions we build support both your immediate needs and additional future requirements.

Software Development services include:

  • Windows Programs
  • Apple Programs
  • Cloud Services
  • Web Based Applications
  • Automation Services
[testimonials_ctn style=”rd_tm_21″ t_color=”#ffffff” h_color=”#ffffff” hl_color=”#ffffff” b_color=”#139ad6″][testimonial_sc author=”Yvette Langton” a_info=”Device Technologies”]I found Inspire very easy to work with…team members have been so easy to access…delivered what we asked for and were great to work with.[/testimonial_sc][/testimonials_ctn]

Why Develop With Inspire Team

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[iconbox type=”14″ icon=”bk-lamp-3″ i_color=”#129bd8″ title=”Develop Your Ideas” content_color=”#a1b1bc”]From inception through to execution, we’re able to help every step of the way.[/iconbox]
[iconbox type=”14″ icon=”ty2-plus-outline” i_color=”#129bd8″ title=”Innovate” content_color=”#a1b1bc”]Expedite innovation projects stifled by lack of time, skills or other resources.[/iconbox]
[iconbox type=”14″ icon=”dr-graph3″ i_color=”#129bd8″ title=”Build Your Capabilities” content_color=”#a1b1bc”]Leverage our network to build your team, your products and your profits.[/iconbox]
[iconbox type=”14″ icon=”zo-html5″ i_color=”#129bd8″ title=”Maintain Transparency” content_color=”#a1b1bc”]Maintain control of your development process without having to specialise in all areas of development.[/iconbox]
[iconbox type=”14″ icon=”ma-shopper” i_color=”#129bd8″ title=”Optimise Customer Experience” content_color=”#a1b1bc”]Continuously optimise the user experience for your customer.[/iconbox]
[iconbox type=”14″ icon=”bk-globe” i_color=”#129bd8″ title=”Remain Competitive” content_color=”#a1b1bc”]Remain competitive in a global marketplace.[/iconbox]
[iconbox type=”14″ icon=”ls-time” i_color=”#129bd8″ title=”Multiple Timezones” content_color=”#a1b1bc”]Develop and support innovation across multiple timezones.[/iconbox]
[iconbox type=”14″ icon=”imf-copy” i_color=”#129bd8″ title=”Roadmap” content_color=”#a1b1bc”]Engineer and execute a roadmap of future development (versions).[/iconbox]

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